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McCollum at Law is here for the sole purpose of helping you. Whether you're going through difficult financial woes, a wage garnishment, a distressing repossession of your house, or even a nasty divorce, we at McCollum at Law are here to ensure that you face all of the necessary legal processes with as little frustration and stress as possible. Legal matters are never fun, but McCollum at Law is dedicated to making sure that your worries aren't compounded by attempting to go through this difficult time on your own. At McCollum at Law, it is our goal to provide the very best in professional and personal services with every one of our clients. We here at McCollum at Law do not settle for mediocrity and will always deliver the highest order of attention to whatever problems you are going through at the time. What you're going through is as important to us as it is to you, which is why you can be assured that we always have your best interests at heart.

McCollum at Law wants you to receive a favorable and satisfying settlement, which requires an attorney-client relationship that is strong and trustworthy. While trust may not seem entirely pertinent when you're facing a legal challenge, it is one of the most essential qualities in an attorney-client relationship that will help greatly with any legal case. When we prepare a legal case, the only mindset we have is to base the case around everything that you want. A settlement is never considered a success with us unless you receive everything that you desire. Your wishes are of utmost important to us, which is why you need to trust us when we say that we are going to get you the settlement that you deserve. If you want to learn all about the things that we can do for you, then just drop on by McCollum at Law.

Education and Positions Held

McCollum received the best in education by attending the prestigious University of Maryland School of Law and J.D. Howard University, where McCollum went on to receive a B.A. in Economics.

  • Chairman of Richmond City Council beginning in 1996
  • Organizational development committee member
  • Chairman of Education Committee Organizations
  • Chairman of Richmond Renaissance
  • Member of Virginia First Cities
  • Board Member of Community Criminal Justice
  • Partnership Member of Greater Richmond
  • Maymont Foundation member
  • Subcommittee member of Public Utilities
  • Richmond Regional Planning District Commission
  • Mayor of Richmond from Sept. 11, 2001 to Jan. 1, 2005

As Mayor of Richmond, McCollum was able to produce widespread economical development throughout the region. McCollum was also key in bringing together the construction of the majestic Richmond Convention Center. Throughout over four years as mayor, McCollum enriched the city of Richmond by creating over 3 billion dollars worth of development around the city, a staggering amount for any mayor.


We offer an extensive consultation on bankruptcy protection and the different types that are available to you. We will also help you to understand which exact type of bankruptcy protection is right for your specific situation. This consultation has a fee of $100. The term "Debt Reorganization" is a form of Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This type gives you the ability to consolidate your bills and even requires your creditors to give you extra time to pay those bills back. This type of bankruptcy is one alternative to Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is often known as straight bankruptcy. This is one of the most common forms of bankruptcy, as it liquidates all of your outstanding debts, allowing you to make a clean start.

While bankruptcy is a situation you never want to be in, we are here to ease your mind and prepare you for these situations, should they ever occur. What we do at this consultation is help you devise a plan to consolidate all of the bills you owe into one monthly payment, which we can do by assessing your income and expenses. When you file either Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will find that there is an automatic stay that goes into effect that stops creditors from taking action. By retaining McCollum at Law, we take the burden away from our clients and file all of the documents on their behalf. The attorney's fees allocated to them will also be filed in their bankruptcy plan.


We here at McCollum at Law offer an initial consultation for those that are thinking about retaining our legal counsel. Similar to the bankruptcy protection consultation, this one also includes a fee of $100. Within this consultation, you will find that the matters that a client wishes to speak to us about are entirely confidential, as we understand that complete privacy is important to our customers. We know that if our clients aren't 100 percent sure that their business is private, then we aren't doing our jobs. We want our clients to know that they can confide in us, as that is the best way that we can help them.

The first thing that is required of all potential clients before they can retain our services is they must put down a retainer. Prices on this vary greatly, as they depend entirely on which type of counsel our clients are looking to retain. Fees can range anywhere from $300 to $2500. After a settlement is offered to the client, they will receive any unused funds from the initial retainer. As for how McCollum at Law's clients are billed, it's done by the hour for a reasonable price. Attorneys can be hired at the price of $250 per hour, while requiring the use of paralegal services costs $100 per hour. We know that you are putting your trust in us when you retain our counsel, which is why we ensure that you will receive your money's worth for the services you attain.